Excel Dashboards

A Dashboard allows management to monitor various aspects of their business in an easy to read, single page "snapshot". It is often filled with various graphs and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Many Dashboards also allow the user to alter key inputs, such as month, quarter, store or plant, to obtain a dynamically changing view of the data.

While the Dashboard is a one page progress report available to management, it is driven by raw data that may be contained in the file itself, or linked to outside databases, spreadsheets, text files or other sources.

A Dashboard can consist of any type of information that is useful to management. As long as the data is available for consumption, a Dashboard can be used to report on it.


Below are some examples of Excel Dashboards created with fictitious data. You are invited to download the example files to your computer and try them out. While the specific graphs or KPIs that are shown may not directly benefit your organization, I ask you to consider what layout you would like to see on a daily, monthly or quarterly basis. Then ask yourself how Endres Reporting Solutions, LLC can help you build some meaningful Dashboards that would provide your company with the information it needs to make more informed decisions and become a better business today.

Please Note: The files downloadable below require Excel 2010 or higher to be fully functional. However, a Dashboard can be created in any version of Excel.