Turning Ideas Into Professional Solutions

Microsoft Excel Development and Consulting

Transform your Excel projects into the powerful business tools they are meant to be. A professional Excel developer can take your spreadsheets to the next level, unlocking their true potential. A well-organized Excel workbook will be faster, more efficient, and allow you to make better business decisions. It is an investment with long lasting benefits.

VBA Programming
(Visual Basic for Applications)
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VBA programming gives Microsoft Office products extra functionality. It adds additional features and automates repetitive, time-consuming routines. VBA can also implement custom processes and user interfaces that significantly extend the capabilities of spreadsheets and databases.

​Best of all, VBA comes packaged and ready to use with every Microsoft Office installation. No additional software purchase is required.

Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF Development

Businesses and homes around the world use Microsoft Office and Adobe​ PDF to manage, display, and communicate information of every kind. Few reporting solutions are compete without the use of one or more of these products.

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What Clients Are Saying

”I engaged Endres Reporting Solutions, LLC to automate an Excel process which uses data downloaded from QuickBooks to create a custom 30 page financial statement report. This new process saves me about 3 hours each month and I'm amazed at how seamless it is. In addition, there is a lot less chance of error and the statements look much better. I needed a very quick turnaround and Dave was able to provide this for me. I certainly will be working with Endres Reporting Solutions, LLC in the future!”

- Cari Michel, CPA

”Endres Reporting Solutions, LLC developed an Excel solution that was within our budget, on time, and exceeded our expectations.”

- Stephen Brunmeier, Treasurer

”Dave's expertise and flexibility helped us complete a large budget proposal on time. He helped us manage large volumes of data in a more streamlined manner. His insights and knowledge of Excel and database systems was key to completion of this project.”

- Cindy, Director of Finance