‚ÄčAccess Database using API Calls to a Web Service
Access Database using API Call to a Web Service
Access Database using API Call to a Web Service

‚ÄčThis specific Access database organizes a video game collection for my client. While there is nothing unusual about organizing data like this, what is unique about this database is that it uses API calls to a web service to get various information about the games. As seen in the picture, the API calls gather box art, game descriptions, release dates, and other stock information about the game. This is supplemented by user information such as comments, play status, and so on.

Other unique features of the database, to name a few, include several custom ribbon tabs, reports that are sortable based on the column header that is clicked, drill down reporting and reports that take in custom parameter options at run time.

Due to the API agreement, this database cannot be shared. However, it contains thousands of records all of which use the API Web Service to gather and display XML information about the games. I have also successfully made API calls in projects using Excel VBA.