Microsoft Office, VBA Programming, and Adobe PDF

Endres Reporting Solutions, LLC offers professional development and freelance services in Microsoft Office (Excel, Access, and Word), Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming, and Adobe PDF Forms.

My office in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin is roughly 20 miles from Madison. I work either on-site or remotely via telecommuting, whichever works best for you. Free screen sharing services are available to facilitate meetings and project coordination.

"...[Dave's] insights and knowledge of Excel and database systems was key to completion of this project."

The following is a list of some of the services provided, by application.

Microsoft Excel LogoMicrosoft Excel Logo
  • Create effective, efficient and professional spreadsheets

  • Custom financial reports

  • Dynamic reporting

  • Expert VBA programming, adding custom features to Excel

  • Automate manual processes with VBA routines (a.k.a. macros), saving you hours of time doing repetitive tasks

  • Dashboards

  • Standard and custom charts/graphs

  • Pivot tables

  • Upgrade older workbooks to add new Excel features, making them more effective

  • Data cleansing

  • Customized user forms

  • Import data from Excel, Access, Web service APIs or many other external sources

  • Export data to other programs or files

  • Retrieve and process XML, CSV and many other types of data files

  • Custom Excel ribbon user interface

  • Integrate Excel with other Microsoft Office applications

  • And so much more, just ask

VBA Programming (Visual Basic for Applications):
Microsoft VBA LogoMicrosoft VBA Logo
  • Extend the core abilities of Microsoft Office applications with your own features

  • Automate repetitive processes

  • Combine contents from multiple file types into a single Excel workbook, Word document, etc.

  • Create user defined functions

  • Create custom applications based on Microsoft Office software

  • And so much more, just ask

Microsoft Access LogoMicrosoft Access Logo
  • Professional database setup

  • Report, form, and query creation

  • Create database applications

  • Custom Access ribbon user interface

  • VBA programming

  • Integrate Access with other Microsoft Office applications

Microsoft Word LogoMicrosoft Word Logo
  • Prepare product manuals, corporate handbooks, books, etc.

  • Create organization charts, process diagrams, etc.

  • Generate reports integrating Excel charts, Excel tables, images, and more​

  • Design SmartArt graphics

  • Table layout

  • VBA programming

  • Integrate Word with other Microsoft Office applications

Adobe PDF:
Adobe PDF LogoAdobe PDF Logo
  • Design fillable forms

  • Read form data into Excel, Word, or Access tables

  • Fill multiple forms based on Excel, Word, or Access data tables